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11.21.2020 & 11.24.2020

The Chinn Dynasty

Community Chest

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It's finally here‼️‼️‼️‼️

The vision went on paper late 2019 *Habakkuk 2:2)..

We announced in 2020 it would be here soon but it wasn't in our timing. Only God's timing!!

The rewards of being FAITHFUL‼️‼️

Special thanks to The Redmond's for being faithful with us. I can cry because this is my heart unfolded. We rejoice in the fact that someone will have an outlet to make it through the night!! It's a Community Effort and we are glad we get to share it with you!! One Greenville ‼️‼️ Blessings 🙌 🙏 ⚜️⚜️

-The Chinn Family Dynasty

The Chinn Dynasty Girls

Chicken & Noodles with Chloe, Carleigh & Carmen



In late 2018, we had a goal to do a Chicken and Noodles Soup Giveaway to spread love during Christmas time for the following 2019 year; However, when that time came, there was an inclement weather prediction, so we decided to take precaution and postpone it to another time. Well, we were extremely saddening because that inclement weather never came.

In 2019, we tried yet again but Chef Kiara was expected to give birth Christmas Eve that year.

Nevertheless, to look back and see this is something we just did not want to give up on was rewarding because even though we only served a few people, days prior to Christmas 2020, it meant the world to those few people. They were appreciative of our efforts, and it truly meant a lot to see that mission/assignment was completed. Other support from our local Fire Department and Mayor's Office came out to be of support and it gave us so much encouragement. We look forward to doing more for the community we love dearly.

The Chinn Dynasty First Scholarship Recipients

Community Foundation of Washington County 

June 3, 2021 ·


The Community Foundation of Washington County is pleased to announce one of the 2021 winners of The Chinn Dynasty Scholarship.

Keith Jackson, Jr, a senior at Greenville High School, has been named one of this year’s recipients. Keith will receive a $500 scholarship to continue his education at the collegiate level.

While at Greenville High School, Jackson was spotlighted as a member of the Principal List, Honor Roll, Superintendent List and National Beta Club. He also placed Third Place in the Region III Science Fair.

The Chinn Dynasty Scholarship Fund was established in 2020 by Everett and Kiara Chinn to serve and give back to their community. Through their incredible passion for people and their enormous faith in God, Everett and Kiara have committed to work diligently to help all children be successful. Their core belief is that all children can learn and are most unique. Through this scholarship fund, they are leading by example and supporting students to reach their fullest potential. The Chinn Dynasty Scholarship will be awarded annually to a student graduating from a public, private or parochial school in Washington County who is planning to attend a 2-year or 4-year college or university in Mississippi or Louisiana.

Corners of The Chinn Dynasty 

An ongoing series of informational entries

Christmas Giveaway: Whole Chickens

In comparison to our 20/20 Turkey Giveaway for Thanksgiving, we're extending ourselves once more to be able to reach families in need and make sure they are able to have a good meal. We're happy to annouce our Christmas Chicken Giveaway to 20 families! Also, in conjunction with other other local initiatives to make sure as many children as possible have a gift on Christmas Day; we were able to contribute a variety of toys to the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County as well as the Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. (GMAK). Presentation of toys is scheduled for Wednesday December 16, 2020. More importantly the gift of love was able to be given this holiday season and it was truly a blessing to be apart of.

Mini-Food Pantry Expected at Cafè Dat Taste early 2021

At night when all the food stores close, and restaurants too, reality hits once again for some people..."There's no food." We get it. Yes, we are human and one thing we all have is pride. Sometimes, it's not that we don't want to ask but moreso who will care enough to give me even that small meal. Our community chest is meant to fill in the gap and get someone through even the roughest night until they can get their next meal. Praying this will be received and that residents throughout Greenville will have the opportunity to donate any non perishable items as well.

The Dynasty Scholarship Fund

Education is truly our kids future. Of course, I'm not speaking about just the Chinn girls, but for children everywhere. In efforts to instill the importance of getting an education beyond high school, we are striving to have a yearly book scholarship for graduating High School Seniors starting in 2021. What better way to lead this initiative than with our girls?

The Dynasty Scholarship Fund

Celebrating our first donation to the Chinn Dynasty Scholarship Fund!! It's truly a blessing when someone believes with you and your vision to help others.

-January 23, 2021

Our First Initiative

November 21, 2020

Since the Outbreak of Covid-19 there has been a spike of people in need all across the world. So this upcoming holiday season clearly will not be the same, BUT we had to make sure we do our part. We purchased turkeys and fixings in exactly 20 bags for families in need in our local area. That act triggered a ripple affect of turkey donations from two organizations, The Greenville, MS Alumni Association of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc., to name one. We were also able to provide turkeys to residents in Leland, MS and some employees of a local favorite candle store.

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