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Building The Chinn Family Dynasty

In every thing we do, GOD is first and foremost. This journey has not been an easy one by far; still we would not change it for nothing. To reflect on where we started to where we are now is truly beautiful to see the story unfold. This gift is truly spiritual and from above because this is not something we can do ourselves. Love is the secret ingredient: GOD is in every stir, every well-seasoned cuisine and GOD is enabling us to build according to his plan. This Dynasty is ordained!!

Behind the Grill:  Building GREATNESS inside & outside the kitchen!

Congratulations on your Nomination!! You are so deserving and beyond hardworking!! 

Behind the Grill: Building GREATNESS 

inside & outside the kitchen!

Sous Chef Kiara S. Chinn will be at Delta State University on November 10, 2022 for the Financial & Captial Access for Women of Color Small Business Owners as a Panelist among several other distinguished Women in Business. Click the link below to register and get inspired to aim for success.

Cafe Dat Taste of New Orleans is made OFFICIAL during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

How many times have you ever heard, "Customer service just don't exist anymore?"

We looked forward to our date nights then and still do, but on our countless dates we noticed that we were often forgot about in service by our waiter/waitress. So we made an agreement over a decade ago that if we ever fully pursued a business we would cater to every detail of our guests needs and would make their experience unforgettable. Then we asked ourselves right then and there. "Is it possible and can we really do it? Well...we should ask you, How are we doing?

Becoming Café Dat Taste of New Orleans

To say that we love cooking is an understatement. We love the joy it brings because we truly desire to see the smiles it puts on our guest’s face. It’s like we are in a race to win your hearts; all while realizing that in any moment it could be our last, we won’t leave this Earth knowing that we didn't get the chance to do something that we love doing AND that completes us as a unit.

My husband and I had a conversation years ago, back in 2009, about what it is we wanted to do with our future. Whether it was within the next few months or years to come and ironically our stories matched. It was as if it was the missing piece to our own individual puzzles that we needed each other to complete. We gave our dreams to God and remained patient and vigilant that through hard work, constant prayer, and our faith that we would accomplish what we put our minds to believing we could achieve.

So when we spoke about creating this one of a kind place...a simple space where anybody would be greeted a certain way, treated a different way that the norm and fed on a level that made them feel like royalty if may have seemed crazy to someone that didn’t have that “mustard seed” faith. Our eyes were wide open then and they are still. We never looked down even when it seemed like our light was dimmed and situations were next to impossible...We never gave up and never stopped looking up to where our help comes from.

We are Café Dat Taste of New Orleans. Privately owned. Family oriented. God fearing and creating our own lane of what it is to truly exemplify great guest appreciation and building a legacy with our girls in more ways than one.


Never miss updates!!!

Although small, we attempt in every outlet to remain transparent to keep you informed because we are constantly striving to find ways to serve you! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest announcements.

What make us unique?

We are a unique husband and wife duo striving to bring our definition of what great taste, service and hospitality is like. Every dish is made with love. Every encounter is like no other. We strive to win over your hearts when you walk through our doors or welcome us into your home. There's always something to look for at Dat Taste. 

The Owner/Executive Chef 

Everett R. Chinn

Executive Chef/Co-Owner Everett Chinn is a New Orleans-trained private chef. Chinn has more than 17 years of restaurant training and management experience. He has been cooking Southern Comfort, New Orleans's famous Cajun-Creole style food for the public for the 10 years namely for special events/occasions. 

Chinn's specialty is developing flavor and being creative in the kitchen where he and his wife (Kiara Chinn) produce succulent and delectable dishes.  Chinn's motto is, "Make the food fresh and flavorful in every bite and let the food speak for itself." 

The Owner/ Sous Chef 

Kiara S. Chinn

Cooking and catering is more than a craft, art or is a passion because wonderful things happen when you have the opportunity to dine and taste that love that is flavored in our cruises. We love creating happy moments and memories with our audiences and our dining experiences and that's something that can't be taught and believe me there are enough degrees and certifications between my husband and I to know that. Cooking is a blessing and GOD is the center of our vision. There will never be a dish made, whether is steak or gumbo, without GOD stirring in the pot FIRST!! 

Chloe's Cookies & Future Bistro!!!:

Baker/Future Chef & Owner 

Chloe Camille Chinn

Chloe not only greet our guests with warm smiles and hugs/virtual hugs but she's the master mind behind those lovable mini chocolate chip cookies and other homemade desserts originated at Cafè Dat Taste. This little person also has her cookies now sold at a local Resale Store, Shirley's Heritage. She's been here the majority of our tenure and looks forward to some day co-operating with her little sisters she proudly calls 

Baby Carleigh & Baby Carmen Chinn!! 

See you at Chloe's Cookie Bar & Bistro!! 

It's a JOYFUL place to be!!

Cafè Dat Taste of New Orleans

Meet "Carlito the Crawfish"

"Carlito" is more than the name of a character from the movie "Scarface." In reference to Cafe Dat Taste of New Orleans; it's the name of our Crawfish logo.

The similarities include the small size of the little creature is also the small size of our restaurant. Its small size packs so much flavor especially when it is prepared the correct way. 

So we decided to put the two together and came up with the unique logo to represent our restaurant by picture.      

FUNNY FACT: One day when we were eating our seafood dinner, which include crawfish, our oldest daughter said, “Aww look at this cute little Carlito. He is so cute; I don’t want to eat him.”

Well we did!!!

Hence forth, Carlito the Crawfish was born and became a trademark to our family’s cafe.





Delta Democrat Times (Greenville, MS) Awards 

Café Dat Taste of New Orleans in multiple categories:

(All glory be to God🙌🏾! Thank you 🙏🏽 all for the continued support of our small business. There’s only one ☝🏽🤩🦀🦞🦐🥘🌽Cafe’ DatTasteNOLA!! ) #supportlocal

DDT's Best of the Best 1st place🥇winner for Best Seafood Restaurant.

DDT’s Best of the Best 1st place🥇winner for Best Catering.

DDT’s Best of the Best 2nd place🥈winner for Best place to take out of town guest.

DDT’s Best of the Best 3rd place🥉winner for Best Chef.

DDT's Best of the Best Third place🥉winner for Best Romantic Restaurant.

Favorite Chef 2021 Competition

Chef Everett Chinn finishes in 2nd Place in Semi Finals Category.

It truly was a privilege and honor to compete in the Favorite Chef Competition 2021. To be among more than 26,000 Chefs Nation wide is an experience I would never forget. 

Favorite Chef was also able to make a donation in the amount of $1,152,688.81 to Feeding America®! The experience blessed so many in need and it was heartwarming to see all the support I had from near and far. I cannot say thank you enough. Surely, God has more planned for me and I am looking forward to his many more blessings.

-Chef Everett 


Did you know that a simple smile or saying "Hello" can simply turn someone's day around? 

We would love to simply interact with you. Spread some love and encouragement!

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