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A Guided Freehand, LLC.

“A Guided Freehand” came to me while on my artistic journey of purpose. While in pursuit of purpose in my gifts, God lead me to encounter different people and small businesses, in particular, requiring different things visually, to breathe life into the vision God provided for them. Whether it be drawing, painting, murals, logos, or book illustrations, during this process, God placed me in environments which prepared me for each of these roles I was destined to encounter, creatively. Hence, A Guided Freehand was born! Wherever God leads my gifts, the skills He allowed me to learn in various seasons were are put into use at that moment. A Guided Freehand is much more than a name, it’s a vessel. A vessel used by God to work together alongside those whose God given purposes requires a visual to the calling God has given them. In my hands I can supply a vision. However, in God’s hands, I am guided to create manifestation under His divine direction."

Corey Johnson

“Her strength, his peace, their Provider and Foundation”

To follow God shows him how to lead her. To follow God shows her true love, true leadership, whom is worthy of her following. Through Him, both learn the beauty of vulnerability by seeking God on how to love and understand one another. Both learn that within vulnerability is the intimacy of being able to touch each other without even touching each other. Through Him dwells a love on a whole other level.

From digital paintings to book illustrations or wall murals, I can accommodate to any artistic desire. Even though I'm currently based in Mississippi, work commissions from other areas are also more than welcome. Pricing for portraits depends on difficulty and detail of the piece. A deposit (non refundable) and quality reference photo (Digital portrait) is required before any work is started. During the process, updates of work will be provided via email. Once completed, an email containing a watermarked copy of work(s) will be sent for your approval. I provide 1 alteration or change for free. Additional changes will result in extra. Once approved, you'll receive your physical piece. Thanks so much for considering, "A Guided Freehand", to bringing your vision to life!

The Gifted Hands Artist Mini Showcase Highlights

 In the Midst of Storms

As the sun gleamed vibrantly from the dark melanin canvas of her skin, I, becoming entranced by the gleam in her eyes... words unspoken... immediately understood why God regarded woman as more precious than rubies...she was beautiful favor in physical manifestation... An artwork created by the hands of God...” My May 2020 piece inspired from a poem I wrote YEARS AGO... #MoreToCome

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